Our Fleet


"The Diamond" Lincoln Town Car

White exterior with a soft grey interior, the interior design is one of the rarest in the limousine industry. The elegance of the wave design is dazzling. Combining the mirrors and lighting create a classy atmosphere for any occasion.

 limo pics 2012 230.JPG



"Krystal" Lincoln Town Car

this bright white limo really stands out from all the others, inside and out this limo is fantastic for all events this has a built in DVD/CD player at your finger tips sun roof, star lighting, oprea lights and more this car is sure to turn heads

limo pics 2012 223.JPG limo pics 2012 234.JPG


"Ivory" Lincoln Town Car

White exterior, clean and striaght draws attention to this fabulous vehicle.  The interior is a light grey a "J" shapped give you more room for a comfortable ride, this vehicle also LED lights, fiber optic and blue neon bar lighting A 1000w stereo system & DVD allows for crisp, clear sound. 

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"The Pearl" Lincoln Town Car

White exterior creates a great contrast for a chic ride. Also a white leather interior with crisp white lightying makes for a nice atmosphere aswell as build in CD&DVD player to make for a relaxing drive .

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"The Diamond"

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"The Krystal"

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"The Ivory" 

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"The Pearl"